Although not associated with OH3, Mac Payne is coordinating a work for the San people (the bush people who have become New Testmanet Christians) of Zimbabwe. Here is a report from brother Payne and a Windows Media File documenting the delivery of some of the blankets. Note that at this writing, 4.14.10, OH3 has also sent $1000 in donations that were earmarked for this need of our brethren purchasing another 50 blankets. Thank you for your partnership. Mac

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Dear Friends,                                         

A group of San people living in the Zimbabwe bush have responded to the preaching of the gospel by Mountbatten Brewer and Solomon Chikomba.  Beyond their faith, the San brethren have so very little.  Brewer had reported seeing children completely naked in wintertime due to their lack of provisions.  Many of you have provided a great response to the project to supply blankets for these Christians.

Solomon Chikomba has sent information and photos of the first delivery of blankets to these brethren.  The info and pics were used to compile the Windows Media presentation attached to this email. (If you need a smaller file format to view, I have one... simply email me your request.)

Three hundred blankets were delivered and distributed to the Christians... to their surprise and delight.  However, some of these brethren have large families of small children, and Solomon indicated an additional 150 blankets were needed.  The quote for each blanket is $20.  A blanket doesn't seem like much of a possession, but for the one to whom it provides a shield from the bitter winter cold, it's a very great thing.

I will continue to forward funds sent to me, and will cover the wire fee so that every dollar you provide will be used for the blankets. (My phone number and mailing address are below.)  Open Hearts Helping Hands has also taken up this need, and will similarly forward your earmarked funds to Brewer or Solomon for the project.  Check out their web page for instructions at http://openheartshelpinghands.com/other.html.  (The advantage of using Open Hearts is that your gift through them is tax deductible.)  Please also note their other projects... primarily, providing necessary food to bush brethren due to drought, crop failures, and government neglect.

(For any who wish to send directly to Brewer or Solomon, email me for instructions.)

Please forward this information to your Christian friends and congregations.  The Fall and Winter in southern Africa is near, and the need is so close to being filled to provide the faithful San with warmth when the cold winds blow.  Your prayers and consideration are a sweet savor.

Bless you for the interest, and for your love for these new brothers and sisters in Christ.  I will continue to forward any information and photos, and am prepared to provide a complete accounting of the funds sent through me.

To God alone be the glory!  Praise His name.

In the love of Christ,
Mac Payne  (678-617-2492)
1790 Norton Drive
Gainesville, GA.  30501

Bulawayo contacts:
Mountbatten Brewer -   mlccmgbrewer@justice.com
Solomon Chikomba -   chikombasolomon@yahoo.co.uk