Thankfully, for an organization built about helping brethren in desperate need, it has been a quiet few months. We've been waiting on the sidelines however for the season to change and that change I warned you about just last month has come.

What's been going on? Happy Holidays for a few.

We received an urgent request from Farai Chingondi last month concerning two congregation numbering 58 families that needed help. The rains were present but there was no money for seed and certainly not for fertilizer. Ferai writes that no one else was helping them and could OH3 please find a way to help if possible, these congregations in Mupfure and Mahusekwa.

As i explained last time, OH3 has been collecting funds for just this purpose, knowing that when the season came someone would come up needing help. This area is a new area to us but Ferai Chingondi has a good reputatiion as a preacher of the gospel and good as his word, we have already recieived photo copies of the receipts for both feed and fertilizer. Almost six thousand dollars was used to help these 58 Christian families plant and fertilize their own food crop which seems to us a better investment than just buying food for them as we sometimes do. This way, they are invested in sweat equity with providing for their own needs.

As usual we want to point out that OH3 is just the smallest part of these benvolent efforts like we're reporting here and we reported last month. We absolutely understand that it is from the pockets of our partners that the real effort comes. No congregations or businesses are solicted in these efforts. Every dime comes from individual doners that we are proud to partner with.

Below are some pics of the delivery of seed and fertilizer that went to the brethren at Mupfure and Mahusekwa



100% of your funds given for food continues to go into an account set up for food and transport. That account is located in Florida and is kindly administered by Jeanne Sullivan.

We have an "operations" account that many of you have funded separate and apart, in a different bank account, in a different state (Indiana), to pay for accounting fees, Gov't fees, preacher support, medical travel and Dr's bills, donkeys, bicycles, computer replacement, tuition, plows, blankets, and other one-time needs for Christians as we can help. These things are in addition to the figure above. Anything that we think needs doing for Christians in serious need that is not food... comes from this account. If you feel confident in our judgment in how we use these funds we'd invite you partner in these needs by sending your donation to the Indiana account listed on this website, By all means however, if you have to choose between FOOD and OPERATIONS, choose food. That is our main thrust here at Open Hearts Helping Hands.

Again, 100% of the money given to the food account has, does, and always will go to food and transport.

All the above is what YOU have been doing for the past seven years. No one associated with this effort receives any pay. Our work is all volunteer. All gifts and contributions and results come from concerned and giving Christians like you. This work is yours in the name of Jesus.


There are a number of evangelists that are working in DIFFERENT areas of Zimbabwe to help Christians procure food and seed at the right seasons. The rainfall over the year can be different from North to South and from East to West. Needs can be different at different times of the year and although those helping in these different areas can and do overlap in their efforts at times, sometimes reports can be confusing. We at OH3 do not presume to speak to the needs of the whole nation or even outside the particular areas where we are focused on the needs of Christians, but only in the Northwest area of Zim where we try and keep close contact with our messengers.

Leslie Maydell, Paddy Kendall-Ball, and Al Payne are just a few of the names of good men who come quickly to mind who are working in other areas. There are other good men working also and we would just ask that you might keep reports from different areas of the country in their context. Becasue one area has rainfall, good crops, and a good report does not neccessarily contradict another part of the county having scarce rainfall and resultant hard times.


As usual, for more info or questions you can always check out our website farther at or email me direct at

Remember that Open Hearts Helping Hands IS an IRS 501(c)3 tax deductible organization.  We make no bones about standing here with our hand out. :-)

I cannot thank you enough for joining with us in this labor of love. God will reward your efforts.