We've been waiting on the sidelines, rebuilding our resources , waiting for the season to change and that change I warned you about just last issue has come. Let me say thank you to all those who remembered OH3 in the past few months as well as our steady supporters. Whether it was because of tax season or good fortune several large donations came in helping us greatly. You are much appreciated.

What's been going on?

We received an urgent request from Paradzai Kusena in Chiendambuya, Zimbabwe ,Southern Africa. Brother Kusena was recommended to OH3 without reservation even though he is out of the area that we usually focus on. He reported that in his rural area a severe drought hit when the corn crop was in it's flowering stage almost completely wiping out the crop and leaving brethren deeply in need of food. A months supply of food was provided for twenty New Testament Christian families. We shall try and see how this holds out for these brethren.

Here are some pics of the mealie meal delivered by brother Kusena.

Too late to make our last issue we note here that we spent $1250 on tires for Mountbatton Brewers truck. He is our most faitful of food delivering preachers. When I was in Zim in '08 Brewer had half a million miles on this same truck and I was witness to him running the tires bald tirelessly traveling to preach, as well as to deliver food products. He is so tight I think he squeaks when he walks. This was money well spent and as well as thanking OH3 Brewer mentioned that his worries about his tire problems were now past. We add here, for a little while anyway.

At this writing we are wiring $4100 for food and transport to brother Brewer for needed food in the northwestern area of Zimbabwe where they also have been hit with sever drought conditions. The brethren there have been caring for one another and helping one another but the need had exceeded their ability to help. Forty families are receiving this help from you.

Lastly, we report on an area of work that we generally stay away from simply because it is so overwhelming. A number of islands in the Philippines have been hit hard by cyclones and storms over the last couple years destroying crops and to top it off it sounds as if a civil war has erupted between the Philippine army and rebel forces. Many villiages have been evacuated while others have been put under martial law forbidding citizens from leaving thier homes for months. Add a drought to this and crops are ruined, sickness is increasing, and hunger is widespread. Several brethren have died including at least one or two from stray bullets. Hundreds are hungry. We could not look the other way. Although we try to be careful with your resources, $4000 has been sent to this need among suffering brethren in that area.

We still have a few thousand left in the bank but you can see that the hunger season is upon many of our brethren in the world. Our coffers are emptying out quickly. If you can help, God bless your efforts.


100% of your funds given for food continues to go into an account set up for food and transport. That account is located in Florida and is kindly administered by a sister in Christ, Jeanne Sullivan.

We have an "operations" account that many of you have funded separate and apart, in a different bank account, in a different state (Indiana), to pay for accounting fees, Gov't fees, preacher support, medical travel and Dr's bills, donkeys, bicycles, computer replacement, tuition, plows, blankets, and other one-time needs for Christians as we can help. These things are in addition to the figure above. Anything that we think needs doing for Christians in serious need that is not food... comes from this account. If you feel confident in our judgment in how we use these funds we'd invite you partner in these needs by sending your donation to the Indiana account listed on this website, By all means however, if you have to choose between FOOD and OPERATIONS, choose food. That is our main thrust here at Open Hearts Helping Hands.

Again, 100% of the money given to the food account has, does, and always will go to food and transport.

All the above is what YOU have been doing for over seven years. No one associated with this effort receives any pay. Our work is all volunteer. All gifts, contributions and results come from concerned and giving Christians like you. This work is yours in the name of Jesus.


There are a number of evangelists that are working in DIFFERENT areas of Zimbabwe to help Christians procure food and seed at the right seasons. The rainfall over the year can be different from North to South and from East to West. Needs can be different at different times of the year and although those helping in these different areas can and do overlap in their efforts at times, sometimes reports can be confusing. We at OH3 do not presume to speak to the needs of the whole nation or even outside the particular areas where we are focused on the needs of Christians, but only in the Northwest area of Zim where we try and keep close contact with our messengers.

Leslie Maydell, Paddy Kendall-Ball, and Al Payne are just a few of the names of good men who come quickly to mind who are working in other areas. There are other good men working also, in South Africa as well as Zimbabwe and we would just ask that you might keep reports from different areas of the country in their context. Because one area has rainfall, good crops, and a good report does not neccessarily contradict another part of the county having scarce rainfall and resultant hard times.


As usual, for more info or questions you can always check out our website farther at or email me direct at

Remember that Open Hearts Helping Hands IS an IRS 501(c)3 tax deductible organization.  We make no bones about standing here with our hand out. :-)

I cannot thank you enough for joining with us in this labor of love. God will reward your efforts.