First and foremost you can send $50 to Open Hearts Helping Hands to be used to feed hungry brothers and sisters and their children. That will provide food for a family of 6-7 for a month. For sending info click here.

Secondly, you can commit to helping a family each month. Can you possibly spare $50 per month to provide food for the family of God? These are not con-artists on the streets here in the U.S. who sometimes prey on the kindness of church members. These are New Testament Christians, brethren, who have been overcome by a troubled government and several consecutive years of drought in Zimbabwe. They have nowhere to turn except to God and their spiritual family.


  • One Christian family invited church members, friends, and family to a “Fundraiser Game Night.” They charged $5 admission, a frozen pizza and a 2Liter drink and had everyone bring a favorite game. Mention on the invitations that all money will go to OH3 to feed the starving Zimbabwe Christians. You could do the same with a double feature rented movie night.
  • Have a garage sale and commit it to feeding a family
  • Encourage the teens to have a car wash, shovel snow, or sell baked goods at a local marketplace
  • Eat out one less time per month and commit it to feeding a family
  • Combine car trips and save enough each month to commit to feeding one family
  • Make it a family effort and let the kids contribute allowance, chore money, and part-time work funds
  • Sponsor a good-will auction at a holiday get-together and commit the proceeds
  • Sell items on e-bay and commit it to feeding a family
  • Unite your men’s study or ladies group in feeding a family each month
  • If you don't have time for a garage sale, take your items to a Consignment Shop and give your earnings to help a family
  • If your bank participates in automatic bill payments (and most do) you can add OH3 to your list of automatic payments and have a regular amount debited and sent each month to OH3.

Help us add to the list of above ideas by sharing your methods with us. We know everyone’s budget is tight nowadays, but you might have an inspiring idea for raising some extra money that would encourage someone else to get involved. Send your suggestion to mcmurray@spiritbuilding.com with the subject line of “Money Raising Idea.”